The Demand for Skilled Pipe Welders is on the Rise

Hey there! My name is Joe. I’ve been a welder for over 20 years. I’m here to tell you about an exciting opportunity in the field of pipe welding. The demand for skilled pipe welders is on the rise in the US.

More and more companies are looking for experienced welders to join their team and help with important projects. This is a great time to consider a career in welding, especially if you’re interested in working with your hands and have a knack for problem-solving.

Growing Industries That Need Pipe Welders

Oil and gas:

Pipe welders are often needed in the oil and gas industry to weld pipes used in drilling and extraction operations.

The petroleum industry is one sector in the United States with a growing demand for pipe welders. We are often needed to weld pipes used in drilling and extraction. These operations are on land or offshore, and pipe welders are required to work in oil rigs, refineries, and pipelines.

Some specific examples of growing facilities in the United States include shale oil in Texas and North Dakota and the offshore oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here are some of the largest oil and gas areas in the US where you can start looking for work at:

  • Weld County, Colorado
  • Kern County, California
  • Midland County, Texas
  • Jefferson County, Texas
  • Williston, North Dakota
  • Garfield County, Colorado
  • Williams County, North Dakota
  • McKean County, Pennsylvania
  • DeWitt County, Texas
  • Eddy County, New Mexico


Pipe welders are in demand in the construction industry to weld pipes used in plumbing, heating, and ventilation systems.

These systems can be found in various residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Pipe welders may also be used to welding pipes used in the construction of infrastructure projects, including bridges, tunnels, and water treatment facilities.

There is currently huge growth expected due to the increase in housing demand, and the infrastructure construction industry is receiving increased funding for projects.

This is a list of the fastest growing cities in the US that need plenty of pipe welders:

  • Frisco, Texas
  • New Braunfels, Texas
  • Boise City, Idaho
  • McKinney, Texas
  • Redwood City, California
  • Lehigh Acres, Florida
  • Buckeye, Arizona
  • Henderson, Nevada
  • San Francisco, California
  • Portland, Oregon


Many manufacturing facilities require pipe welders to weld pipes used to produce various products.

These products can range from small components to large machinery and equipment. Pipe welders can work in various settings, including factories, warehouses, and workshops.

One example is the automotive manufacturing industry, which is experiencing an increase in demand for vehicles, and the aerospace manufacturing industry, which is seeing growth due to an increase in air travel.

From my experience, here is a list of some of the largest manufacturing counties that you should investigate for work:

  • Los Angeles County, California
  • Cook County, Illinois
  • Harris County, Texas
  • Wayne County, Michigan
  • Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
  • Essex County, New Jersey
  • Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Orange County, California
  • Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
  • Middlesex County, Massachusetts


Pipe welders are needed in the shipbuilding industry to weld pipes used in the construction and repair of ships.

These pipes are used for carrying water, fuel, or other fluids. Pipe welders in the shipbuilding industry may be required to work in shipyards, generally along the coast in states like Virginia, California, and Louisiana.

The naval shipbuilding industry is experiencing an increase in demand for military vessels and the commercial shipbuilding industry is seeing growth due to increased global trade. Pipe welders in these industries are involved in the construction and repair of navy ships and commercial vessels.

Some of the largest shipbuilding facilities in the US include:

  • Newport News Shipbuilding – Newport News, Virginia
  • General Dynamics NASSCO – San Diego, California
  • Bath Iron Works – Bath, Maine
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries – Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Austal USA – Mobile, Alabama
  • Fincantieri Marinette Marine – Marinette, Wisconsin
  • BAE Systems Ship Repair – Norfolk, Virginia
  • VT Halter Marine – Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Philadelphia Naval Shipyard – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Detyens Shipyards – Charleston, South Carolina

Power generation:

Pipe welders are needed in the power generation industry to weld pipes used in power plants and other energy facilities.

These pipes are used for pumping water, steam, or other fluids. You can work in power plants, renewable energy facilities, and oil and gas production sites.

The renewable energy industry is currently experiencing an increase in demand for clean energy sources, and the natural gas industry is seeing growth due to a convention towards NG as a fuel source. Pipe welders are used to construct and maintain renewable energy facilities and natural gas production sites.

There are hundreds of power-generating precincts all over the country, with some of the largest being:

  • Grand Coulee Dam – Washington
  • Hoover Dam – Nevada and Arizona
  • Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station – Arizona
  • Texas Medical Center CHP Plant – Texas
  • Mount Tom Power Station – Massachusetts
  • Niagara Falls Hydroelectric Power Plant – New York
  • RG Steel Power Plant – Maryland

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